Pure Stupidity

A Stupid Place

Why would you even enter this place. It is definitely somewhere you should NOT go. Like I swear that 50% of people here at least pretend to have an IQ of less than 20. Why would you bother going here. You'd hate it.

Very Gay

In Bucket 2, everybody is guaranteed to be LGBTQ+ of some kind. Anybody who isn't will be converted soon find out soon. It is very positive, yes, but as mentioned before everybody there is very stupid.

You'll hate it

I hate it, others hate it, everybody hates it. Bucket 2 is the only place guaranteed to make you hate it 100% of the time. Don't believe me? TRY IT.

We Have Media

The only reason people stay here is because of all the funny media. Funny art, funny videos, funny audio. Yes, it is ungodly stupid, but who cares, it's funny. If you are literally depressed to the point that your skin is literally becoming blue, then maybe you should come over. Or not. (Please Don't)

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